Why do cats meow

Why do cats meow

Do you ever wonder why cats meow? Or if that is their own language only they understand?

There are many factors to consider, stress, hunger, loneliness, old age, mating needs, playful mood – meaning is always present behind the meowing sounds.

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For those having a cat as pet, you would surely want to know what your pet is communicating with you. To go into more details on cat sounds, check out Cat Language Bible

Craving attention

This is a broad term and could signal various things – after all attention could be pointed to almost anything, isn’t it the same with different human’s moods and words?

Maybe the cat is bored, maybe it just wants to cuddle with its owner, but one thing has to be kept in mind – every ‘meow’ sound does not need to be addressed.

Get close to your cat to give attention only when it is quiet and calm. If this does not work as you expected, simply walk further away, do not give attention and let the cat calm down on its own (this is of course done in excess of sounds your cat makes). Reward the cat for being calm and quiet, and do not yell or punish the cat when it makes too much sounds.

Feeling ill

The only way a cat communicates is with the tail and sounds it makes. Cats can be really good at hiding when they feel ill, or simply not showing this too much.

If the cat refuses its favorite foods and activities once enjoyed, and at the same time meows a lot – this is an alarming sign for some illness or discomfort of the cat.

Overactive thyroid is another possible cause why the cat makes too much sounds, also diseases of kidneys, urination difficulties, anxiety, deafness or heart problems and many other issues are possible causes. A veterinarian visit is a good idea in this case, so set an appointment.

Feeling hungry

Owners claim that usually their cats make sounds about needing food or simply drawing attention to their litter boxes. Your cat will surely let you know that the bowl for food is empty.

Also, the cat will let you know if it needs canned food at certain time of the day or dry food instead, again with meows.

They are easily programmed for this and know always where to move – kitchen or litter box space to make sure you follow them. Always fill the bowls with food and do not forget the water bowl as well.

Being under stress

If you are doing some household changes, moving, renovating or simply having guests or new people living with you can surely make the cat stressed out.

In this case, the sounds signal disliking of some sort, regarding the home or people change in the household. It is either dislike of the change or even anger.

Be especially careful if you bring a new pet and make sure to socialize them both to avoid conflicts between the cat and new pet (regardless dog, or cat or something else).

Confusion and old age

Old age affects anyone, even cats. They also tend to forget things as they age and even manifest some disorientation, confusion of some sort and even anger about something.

If your cat bumps into objects in the house, make things simple and leave at least one light on to make the cat feel safe while moving between rooms.

Heat moment

Between male and female cats, the latter can be way more vocal and loud out of a sudden. Female cats do this to get attention from males and get them closer for attraction.

Male cats also make loud noises, but mostly when they feel a female cat is near them. If your cat is not neutered or sprayed, this is a normal behavior.

Simply greeting you

To get back to the point no.1, a cat needs attention giving and receiving too. Consider the cat as a friend, as part of the family or a little toddler – it would love to say ‘hello’ and get a ‘hello’ back.

Keep in mind that cats feel more superior than other pets. Basically, their meowing can be interpreted as some sort of ‘discrete demand’. But this is not a harsh command, it is more a basic need the cat communicates (entering, leaving a room, greeting you, need of food, playful mood). To understand cats and their enigmatic meows, make sure to go to Cat Language Bible for deciphering cat sounds.

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