The Van Ness CP6 Enclosed Cat Pan: Clean feline ablutions

The Van Ness CP6 Enclosed Cat Pan

Creating a good bathroom for your cat can be a bit tricky. For such clean creatures, their ablutions can produce some real unpleasant odor in your home, especially if the litter box is badly designed.

So if you are looking for a litter box or cat pan that will limit odor and scattered cat litter, an enclosed box is a good step in the right direction.

There are several options available, so in this review we will tell you more about the Van Ness CP6 specifically. We will cover the main features, give you an idea of the good and the bad, and give you our verdict. So let’s see what this cat pan has to offer.

The Van Ness Enclosed cat pan promises top of the range odor control. It comes with an odor door to help keep the smells contained and the door has a replaceable air filter.

It is a deep design that eliminates scatter and the plastic has a polished finish to make cleaning easier. The plastic is also odor and stain resistant.

The top has a ventilated opening and it also has a carry handle for easy pickup.  This model is designed for smaller cats, but there are larger models available as well. It has a handle on top to make carrying it easier.

It is also well ventilated with openings and air filters. So how do these features really perform when the cats get involved? We have the pros and cons listed for you.


  • It has top of the range odor control
  • It comes with an odor door
  • The odor door has a replaceable Zeolite filter
  • The design eliminates litter scatter
  • It has a highly polished finish for easy cleaning
  • The plastic is odor and stain resistant
  • It has a carry handle at the top
  • It has a ventilation opening on top with a filter
  • There are larger sizes available
  • Dimensions: 19. 5 x 15.2 x 17.5 inches (49.53 x 38.6 x 44.45 cm)
  • Weight: 5.18 pounds (2.34kg)


  • The high sides helps prevent litter tracking and scattering
  • The cat pan is not expensive
  • It is a nice deep box
  • The plastic with the smooth coating is easy to clean
  • The clips between the bottom and top are easy to use
  • It really is effective in keeping the odors under control
  • It holds plenty of litter and does not take up a lot of space
  • It is easy to assemble
  • The removable top lid makes scooping easy
  • The color is neutral and will not be noticeable in your home


  • The top handle is a little flimsy when the box is filled
  • Cats don’t like the odor door
  • The door can easily become detached
  • It is a bit small for larger cats
  • The pan has a few grooves that makes scooping difficult
  • There are a few cases where urine can spill between the top and bottom parts at the back
  • It is only large enough for one cat
  • The latches can give way under the weight of a filled box


This small contained cat litter box by Van Ness is deeper than most other types and comes with a cover that clips to the base. The most important positive feature of this litter box is really that it helps limit scattered litter. It is nice and deep and will reduce the amount of tracking, scattered and messy litter around the box a whole lot.

The main claim of this box is that it reduces odor, and it does limit odor, but almost every cat we consulted really did not like the door, and without the door the odor limit is not that significant.

But another good point is that this cat pan holds plenty of litter and is better at keeping the odors down than open boxes. It is also made of a nice coated plastic that is easy to keep clean.

The removable top also makes scooping easy. When it comes to the price you will have a hard time finding something at thelevel of quality for the same reasonable price.

Of course, as with everything you buy for your cat, their opinion holds all the weight. This cat pan comes with a door that seems to be universally disliked by all our feline consultants. It can easily be removed and when it is, most of the cats agreed that it was now user friendly.

Also keep in mind that it is a compact litter box and will work best for one cat. It will also not be very suitable for large breed cats.

The handle and latches are fine when the box is empty but really do not hold up well to the weight when it is filled with litter. There are also a few grooves in the pan that can make scooping a bit difficult. But what is our final word on this cat pan after all of this?

Our Verdict

We have looked at all the features of this cat litter box and consulted with a few of our feline friends. We now have our final verdict on this Van Ness cat pan.

It is a cheap, easy to clean litter box that will really reduce the amount of cat litter on your floor. The plastic is medium weight so it might be a bit flimsy for larger or more active cats.

This model is also small, so keep in mind that it will probably be better suited to smaller breeds. In the end we can recommend this cat pan, if you don’t mind removing the added odor door, have a smaller cat and really want an enclosed litter box.

This one really won’t break the bank, will help limit odor and you will be able to say goodbye to cat litter scattered across the floor. We hope this review has given you a clear idea about what this Van Ness Cat pan has to offer, and we hope that your kitty approves of your decision.

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