The Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet Carrier: Convenientlightweight travel for your cat

The Pet Magasin Collapsible Pet Carrier

Travelling with a cat can be a challenging journey, especially if your cat is not impressed with the accommodation you have provided for the trip.

In this review we will take a look at the Pet Magasin collapsible pet carrier so you can get an idea if it will make the journeys with your cat a little easier.

The Pet Magasin is a collapsible pet carrier made from softer yet sturdy materials. It is a combination of a soft and hard carrier that gives it real versatility.

It is suitable for cats, but also for small dogs and other pets like rabbits. It is foldable so you can easily store it flat. It has a lightly padded floor and a non slip surface on the bottom.

The front has a see-through mesh and the side panels have small oval holes. It can be opened from the front or the top and comes with locking zippers. It also has a two year warranty and a money back guarantee if you (or your cat) are not happy with the product.

This range of features offer quite a few good points, but we don’t just rely on the list of features to come to the final verdict.

We have consulted with cat owners about the pros and cons of this carrier, and we talked to a few of our learned feline friends as well. We have our verdict about the good and bad of this carrier and how we feel about it.

In the end, as with many things, your cat will have the final say, but we hope our review will give you the info you need to decide if this carrier will work for you and your cat.


  • This is a combination soft and hard cased pet carrier
  • It is suitable not only for cats, but also small dogs, rabbits and other pets
  • It is foldable
  • It has soft sides that can be folded down to store easily
  • It has a padded floor mat on the inside
  • It has a non slip surface on the bottom
  • It has a see through mesh for your cat to view the world
  • It comes with a two year warranty
  • It has a money back guarantee
  • It comes with locking zippers to keep your pet safe
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds (0.99 kg)
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 13.8 x 13 inches (44.45 x 35 x33 cm)


  • It can unzip frim the side and the top
  • It is extremely light
  • It can easily be stored (even in full cupboards)
  • IT can easily serve as a bed area for shy cats
  • You can stick your fingers through the holes to touch your cat while inside
  • The zippers are smooth and operate easily
  • It has different opening and access options (from the side or top)
  • It is very reasonably priced
  • It works very well for smaller cats and short trips
  • The top that opens works very well at the vet
  • It is sturdy and well-made
  • It doesn’t have hard edges where your cat may get hurt


  • It is not large enough for more than one cat
  • There is only one mesh panel for visibility
  • The side cutout pattern with ovals don’t give clear visibility
  • It takes some time to zip the door shut and escape artists will use that time well
  • The fleece pad is soft but not padded
  • It does not have an assembly guide
  • It is not well suited to heavier cats


This is a great little carrier with a real range of positives to move it to the top of your list. It is well-made and sturdy for such a lightweight carrier.

The easy storage is a real bonus, so you wont have to find the same amount of space you would need for a hard cased carrier. One of the cats we consulted liked it so much, it became a bed area.

This means they will have fewer issues when you need to use it for transport as well. The zippers are good quality and operate smoothly.  One of the best aspects is the fact that you can open the front and the top.

This really helps if you have a fussy feline roommate that has ideas about how and when they want to enter a carrier. On top of that, it really is reasonably priced and offers good quality for the price.

On the more negative side there are a few points to keep in mind. This is a lightweight carrier, so if you have a big boned cat, or a large breed it might not really be the best option, especially for longer journeys.

This carrier works best for smaller cats that need to travel to the vet and back. It can also be a bit tricky to assemble this carrier the first time because it does not come with instructions.

There si also only the front mesh panel for visibility, so a cat that likes a view will object. We have weighed the pros and cons, so now lets move on to our final verdict.


We really like this carrier, it is easy to store, soft and light. If your cat is fussy about hard plastic carriers this could be the solution.

The way that it opens on the top and at the side really makes your life easier if your cat likes to escape and mock your attempts at keeping him constrained. At the vet it is a breeze to open the top while your cat lounges on the soft pad.

The fact that it stores so neatly also makes it a nice backup carrier for emergencies.  If you have a small breed of cat, and you need a carrier for short trips, especially to the vet, this Pet Magasin carrier is a great choice.

Unfortunately it will not work well for large cats, or for two or more cats at the same time (except perhaps kittens). But for the quality, convenience and price, we recommend this carrier. Hopefully your cat will also approve.

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