The Best cat litter box: Keep it clean and tidy

The Best cat litter box

Just like you, your cat deserves a washroom that allows them a little privacy for their daily ablutions. But a good cat tray will also keep the odor down, prevent litter spillage and have enough space for your cat to be comfortable.

So which cat tray is up to the task? We have chosen our top 3 cat litter boxes so you can get an idea of the best choices available for feline facilities.

The Catit Jumbo Hooded cat litter pan: For a cat, size does matter

If you have a large cat, finding a suitable litter box can be tricky. This enclosed litter box by Catit is really large and spacious and designed with large cats in mind. It has a hood with a clear swinging door that operates with one easy movement.

This litter pan can work for more than one cat that prefers their privacy. It has a carbon filter on the top for odor control and the plastic is very smooth for easy cleaning.


  • It provides your cat with privacy
  • It retains the litter inside the deep pan
  • It has a carbon filter to improve odors
  • It is suitable for more than one cat
  • The top lid fastens to the pan with easy to use latches
  • It has a handle on top
  • It has a door flap
  • The hood lifts off so you can easily clean the pan
  • It is made from smooth coated plastic
  • It has a built in bag anchor
  • Dimensions: 17 x 22 x 18.3 inches (43.18 x 55.88 x 46.48 cm)
  • Weight: 5.05 pounds ( 2.49 kg)


  • It is very large and spacious enough for more than one cat
  • It is very sturdy and well-made
  • It is easy to clean
  • The litter pan is lightweight for such a large one
  • The top fits over the bottom pan
  • Urine cannot seep through the seam between the two parts
  • The plastic has a non-stick quality that really helps to keep it clean
  • The door and lid operation is very easy


  • Cats tend to play with the carbon filter on the top and shred it
  • It is a bit expensive


This is a high quality enclosed litter box that will suit even very large cats. The lid and door operation is easy to use and cleverly designed.

The sides of this cat pan are high and your male cat will not be able to find the seam between the top and bottom to cause urine seepage. It is easy to clean and although it is a bit expensive, it really is one of the best options available.

The nature’s miracle advanced corner hooded cat litter box: keep kitty in the corner

Our next choice is the corner litter box by Nature’s miracle. This is a standard covered litter box with a unique triangular shape so you can fit it in a corner. It is quite large and has a wide opening so your large cat will easily be able to get in and out. It has a deep base to limit litter spillage and it has a non-stick surface so you can easily keep it clean.


  • This litter box comes with a charcoal filter to help with odor
  • It has a non-stick surface for easy cleaning
  • It has a compact design to save space
  • It has a unique triangular shape to fit in a corner
  • The plastic has an anti-microbial coating
  • The hood has two side latches
  • It has a deep base
  • The bottom tray is 10 inches deep (25.4 cm)
  • Dimensions: 21 x 24 x 21 inches (53.3 x 60.96 x 53.3cm)
  • Weight: 4 pounds (1.81 kg)


  • You can scoop without removing the top hood
  • It has a wide opening
  • It really fits well in a corner and does not take up a lot of space
  • It is sturdy and very spacious
  • It holds the litter well and prevents scattered litter if you have active cats
  • It is suitable for large cats


  • The hood does not have a handle on top
  • Urine can seep between the base and lid at the seam
  • It can be difficult to scoop the far corner


This litter box has a clever design to keep your space neat and tidy. It is suitable for large cats and will help keep your space clean because the high sides of the base will prevent litter spillage. The hood and charcoal filter also helps to reduce the effects of bad odors.

The Purina Tidy cats, litter box kit system: a unique system to keep things neat and fresh

The Purina tidy cats system is a litter box with a unique twist. It works with pellets and pads rather than with standard cat litter.

The idea is that urine filters through to the pads in the bottom of the tray and the pellets allow for easy scooping. It has a drawer to keep the pads in place and the system is designed for easy maintenance.


  • It is an all in one litter system for easy maintenance
  • It is a box and a scoop in one
  • A box of pellets and a box of pads are included
  • It has absorbent litter pads that are easy to clean
  • It has filtering litter pellets to separate solid waste
  • It has anti-tracking litter pellets so there is less mess around the box
  • It has odor control
  • A drawer holds the litter pads in place
  • It has a money back guarantee
  • Dimensions: 21 x 16.5 x 10 inches(53.3 x41.9 x 25.4 cm)


  • It is clean and does not smell bad
  • It is very easy to maintain
  • Other brands of pellets also work with this system
  • It is not expensive
  • It prevents tracking
  • Urine filters directly through the grate into the pad drawer
  • You can wash the pellets for reuse


  • The pellets are quite expensive
  • It can take some time for cats to get used to a new system
  • The pellets are loud when the cats are in the box
  • It can be a bit tight for larger cats and they overshoot the box sometimes
  • It is a bit small if your cat doesn’t really aim well

Final Verdict

If you have a large cat that needs some room to do his business, we would really recommend that you choose the Catit Jumbo cat tray.

It is large and spacious and well designed. If you need a space saving design, that is still quite spacious and has some odor limiting, we would choose the Nature’s miracle corner hooded cat tray.

If your main goal is keeping odor at bay and you don’t have a very large cat, the Purina system offers really easy maintenance, and excellent odor control at a surprisingly reasonable price. There is a litter box to suit every cat owner (and cat) and hopefully one of our top 3 will fit your needs.

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