How To Teach Your Cat To Do Tricks?

How To Teach Your Cat To Do Tricks

Pets are a great way to lighten up your mood. They can make you laugh when you are sad, and are a great company. Additionally, furry animals like cats and dogs also make cuddling easy. Admit it, a living toy is easier and more preferable to cuddle than a soft toy, when you are sad.

Like all other pets, a cat can also be trained to do tricks, especially to make you happy. And, who doesn’t love a cat who can do tricks? However, if you are thinking how to teach your cat to do tricks, all you need to do is read on.

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Buy A Supply of Treats

This might seem strange, but you should thank and appreciate your cat, especially when you are trying to teach him/her tricks.

Your pet is showing some effort to learn, and you could also show some effort to keep the pet interested. What better way is there than to shower your cat with some treats, when you are teaching. Some of the best treats you can get for your cat is

  • Tuna
  • Chicken
  • Cat treats available commercially

However, when you are handing out treats, don’t do so frequently. Help your cat to a treat only after he/she learns the trick and performs it well in front of you. Otherwise, the process would be useless, and your cat would lose the enthusiasm.

Use A Clicker To Get Attention

While you are teaching your cat new tricks, you need to make sure that you retain your pet’s attention. Without that, you won’t be able to teach him/her new tricks.

If you find it tough to keep the attention plan, use a clicker, which will make your cat look at you. However, do not force your cat to perform, because that might make him/her moody, and you will lose all the training progress you have made.

Short And Frequent Training Sessions

When it comes to training an organism, you need to make it short and frequent. Even humans tend to forget stuff when they do not revise frequently.

So, if you are planning to make sure that your cat learns all the tricks within a very short period, you need to have frequent training sessions for your cat. Also, add some treat and make it short, so that your cat doesn’t lose the attention and the enthusiasm.

One Step At A Time

When it comes to teaching your cat the basic tricks, you need to be patient enough. So, teach your cat one trick at a time, and only after it has been mastered, move on to the next one.  Don’t forget to provide treats to your cat, and show appreciation once the trick has been mastered.

Additionally, don’t use the specific words for the trick, unless the trick has been mastered. For example, don’t say ‘sit’, unless the cat has learned to respond to that word.

So, now that you have a basic idea of how the process should work, here are some steps to help you teach your cat how to perform a trick.

Before you start with any of the tricks given below, teach your cat to respond to his/her name. Once that is done, you will find it easy to train him/her to follow other tricks.

Train Your Cat To Come When Called

This is the first step in training your cats properly. It also helps your cat to respond to your call, and understand how you have named him/her. The first step in this case is to capture the attention of your cat. Once that is done, pronounce the name, and the offer the cat a treat.

This way, the cat will know that you are calling him/her. Additionally, you can also add the word ‘come’. However, not always will the cat understand that he/she needs to come. The name in itself will act as a calling cue in this case.

It might happen that your cat is not attracted to food. In that case, offer him/her something he/she likes. It might be a stuffed toy, or even a scratch pad. Even a clicker can make him attentive to what you are trying to convey. Repeat this a couple of times, and frequently and change the cues and treat depending on how your cat responds.

Training Your Cat To ‘Hi – Five’

The first step towards training your cat to ‘Hi – Five’ is to teach him/her how to raise his/her paws, when you raise your palm. So, the easiest way is once again using the treats to lure your cat. Encourage your cat to raise its paw, and provide a treat when he/she does.

Raise the ante bit by bit, so that your cat raises his/her paw a bit higher each time. Once that is in place, up the game a bit, and this time he/she gets a treat only when he/she puts his/her paw in your palms. And you have successfully taught your cat to ‘Hi – Five’.

Teach Your Cat To Touch Toys

This is not essentially a trick, but more of a behavioral pattern. So, once you have your cat sat in a place, you can slowly bring the toy or the object you want your cat to touch.

Make sure that you keep it in front of your cat, so that he she can touch it, without swiping it with the paws. Once your cat has learned the process, offer him/her a treat, and you would have a cat, who has learned a trick.

So, now that you know about these awesome pointers, and the tricks, which you can teach your cat, all you need is a bag of treats to get started. If, for any reason, you run out of the treats, all you need to do is mince some chickens or tunas, and your cat will be really happy during the training session.

Repeat the training sessions frequently, and for shorter intervals, and you will have a winner ready for an international pet show. Good luck!

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