Cat tail meaning

Cat tail meaning

We all know dogs wag tails when they are excited or happy, but for cats, things are a bit different. Unlike dogs, cat’s gestures and tail moves are more complex and it is more difficult to decode them.

The positions and moves of cat’s tails tell a lot about the mood of the cat and tails are just a part of the puzzle called body-language of a cat. If you are a cat lover, you would surely want to know more so make sure to see the website Cat Language Bible.

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High position

If the cat’s tail is held high and up in the air this means the territory of walking belongs to the cat. At this time, the cat feels really confident and if the tail is firmly upright, the cat is incredibly friendly and content, so that is a good sign. Pay attention to the tip of the upright and erected tail. If this is slightly twitched, you can approach the happy cat.

Curved (as question mark) position

If you see this, approach the cat freely since this is happy cat mood. If the tail is curved, this is fun and playful mood, so the cat is ready to play with you and you can both have some fun.

Tucked away position

When the cat has a curve beneath its body this is submission and also some nervousness, tension, or irritability. Be careful if you approach the at this time.

Puffed up position

When the tail looks like a cleaner for pipe, the cat is incredibly frightened and agitated, or even scared away out of its mind! At this point the cat is puffing its body to appear bigger and way more intimidating to avoid danger and threats.

Swishing tail position

The cat that moves the tail slow from side to side is just focus on some object the cat pays attention to.

This is usually seen before the cat can pounce on some kibble, object, toy or even her cat food that is all tumbled near the food bowl.With this know that the cat might even want to pounce your hand and play a lot.

A feisty mood is shown through the need of the cat to be ambushed near your ankles, so get a small toy and see the tail swishing.When a cat swishes the tail, this is also interpreted as some deep and powerful feeling.

People would freely also describe this cat’s mood like giving importance to other things besides the human, but is simply politely greeting him along its way.

Wrapped around another cat position

If you see two cats, and one has the tail wrapped around the other one – interpret this as putting an arm around the waist of another person. This is exchange of friendship, good vibes and even love affections.


When your cat is standing at the window seal and stares sharply out the window, focused, and the tail has a minor twitch, this means great focus, concentration and paying attention to some point or object.

Fluffy tail with arch

If the cat is often confronted by other animals or a new pet at home, at this point it has a fluffed tail and arched back. Basically, this is the cat’s response to dangers and threats or feeling excessively insecure.

Tail flick (back and straight tail)

The low tail flick is often mistaken for quiver, but this is a common and predicted movement. When the cat has an extended, rigidly positioned and low tail, flicked forward and backward – this is discontent and displeasure. The same tail is seen when a cat is lowered and stalks a certain prey.

Raised back at angle

If a cat has raised back with under a certain angle, do not worry since this is no unfriendly or hostile behavior, but is surely non-threatening mood and simple uncertainty. This is almost always seen when you have guests and the cat wants to explore and sniff new things, or people in order to approve of them or not.

Vertical tail and quiver

Every time you enter a room or get back home from somewhere, your cat runs over to greet you since this is their vivant and happy mood. The best way to see a cat is really confident and secure, is by an upright tail with a small quiver.

Lastly, everything you need and would love to know about cat communication with body language, do not miss out Cat Language Bible.

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