Cat behavior meaning

Cat behavior meaning

Cats are unique animals and their language with certain moves is interesting and meaningful. We are all drawn to cats due to this behavior of their own, and if you think those behaviors are randomized, think again. There are many moves and tactics in cat’s behavior, so see them all and understand your beloved pet better. Bond with your cat and learn her moves with more details by Cat Language Bible.

Biting nails

There are many reasons for this.  One is that they like to groom and perform manicure. Another is that this cat is fearful or anxious and bites nails, like human do when they are stressed or bored. This is a hard habit to be broken, so try to relax the cat and play with it more.

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This means the cat looks at some point intensely, so careful here! Maybe she will pounce on some prey or object. This look is examination and ensuring about the right moment to leap.

Randomized sprint and run

If your cat runs fast and bounces of furniture, this is fine. Fast runs are just workouts to them! Domesticated cats have loads of energy and release it. play with the cat more to give it its workout.

Strange, tomboy sitting

When the cat sits somewhat ‘unladylike’, she feels comfortable and has legs wide open, feels relaxed and happy and she trusts you immensely. This mood means being safe and content.

Rubbing up against a person

When a cat rubs against you, it is the same as rubbing against furniture. She gives humans her own scent and this means you became ‘hers’ and everybody will know this. The cat feels proud with you having her pheromones.

Exposed feces

If the cat leaves her feces uncovered, it is angry and frustrated. She does this when you show dominance and strictness, and with uncovered feces the cat tells you she is dominant in your home.


A clear sign of anger and fear. When agitated, she will hiss and tell you to back off and avoid fighting, or when she feels scared and threatened too. The cause for this might be mood or threat, and also a new pet in the home.

Sniffing face

Cats are curious and this involves humans as their focus. They adore smelling your scent of face, breath and body. Allow her to smell you and increase your mutual bond and love.

Twitch in ears

Ears that go back and forth is fearful anxiety. A sign to ‘back off’, otherwise she will hiss or run away.

Pointed ears

An alert cat has pointed ears. Listening with attention and being ready for fast action is a part of her instincts.

A crazy-cat-lady

Many reasons are behind this behavior. One is excess energy released, or the cat has an itch on her skin unrelieved yet. In this case, the cat rolls on the ground, makes strange meowing sounds and runs in strange patterns. Prepare flea bath for your cat if you see this.

Laying on objects and things you own

Whether is boxes, computers, laptops, books – the cat already has been there. The cat wants closeness to you and security as well. Another thing is leaving her smell near you to remind you of her.


When a cat is playful, she will roll on the ground or floor and invite you to be near. She is submissive in this case and playful too.

Sleeping on the chest of a human

The cat adores you if she is on your chest and likes to listen to your heartbeat and feel your warmth. And, if you like to go somewhere, the cat will know – this is why she is on top of you.

Kneading limbs/paws

This is happiness and contentment in your cat. It goes along loud purring and this trait is learned when nursing by their mothers. Have you noticed the cat kneads paws to get the milk of her mother? That is kneading paws exactly.

Upward tummy

If the cat invites you to pet her, do that! She feels safe and exposed, she trusts you and wants to cuddle and bond.

Night owl

The cat by nature is nocturnal animal, like its ancestors. Cats nap all day long so at night they could become bored and require playtime.

Language, movements or behaviors of a cat can be complex to decipher if you lack information, so avoid wrongly understanding the cat and get your ‘feline knowledge’ with Cat Language Bible.

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