Hello, I’m Cathy and I’m a cat owner and a cat lover as well.

However, this love came after I had conquered the fear that I had about them. I had always thought that for a person and a cat to understand each other was a hard thing to do and you can imagine that coupled with the way that cats can be tough to deal with. However, with time, I began to understand what it meant to see the world through a cat’s eye. That was when I realized that they just want to be loved and treated right. If you treat them well, then they will be able to reciprocate the same love and affection if not more.

After I had established a good relationship with cats, I realized that the same can be applied to all pets. All you need to do is take the time to set boundaries, train them and then shower them with love and you will be surprised at the great feedback that you will get from them. Most people tend to think that it is a waste of time to develop a relationship with a pet. On the contrary, studies have shown that by having good relationships with pets, we protect ourselves from succumbing to diseases and depression.

Pets have a way of making us feel loved and wanted and sometimes we might not be able to get this type of feeling from our fellow human beings. They are there to welcome us home when we return from our jobs, they are there to cheer us up when we feel low and they are also there to give us a listening ear. Most people think that a pet does not understand you when you talk to it but they really do understand when you talk to them. In fact, they can interpret your emotions.

A little story

I was always mesmerized by my mother. She would talk to pets and treat them like they were human beings. At first, I would make fun of her but she told me that because of the relationship that she was developing, the pets would one day save her.

To me, all that sounded like weird talk.

One day, my mum had gone to visit a neighbor who had two dogs. One of the dogs had gotten accustomed to my mom because whenever she left food, the dog would eat it. On that particular day, the neighbor was not around and as my mom turned to leave, the other dog jumped at her and wanted to attack her but the dog that she had developed a relationship with stepped in and fought the other dog on her behalf. Remember that my mum was walking away and it was the sound of two heads banging against each other that made her to turn back and realize how close she had been to death. If she had not been kind to the dog, then she would not be alive today.

The next time you feel frustrated, play with your pet and you will be shocked at how fast your mood will change.

If you have any thoughts or questions, all comments are welcome.